Financial aid for Master's-level rehabilitation counseling students is available in the form of funded loans, graduate assistantships, and a federally funded scholarship program. Information on bank loans or the graduate assistantship programs may be obtained from a faculty advisor in the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Foundations or via the Department of Student Financial Aid

Rehabilitation Counseling Scholarship Program

Information about this program may also be obtained by contacting

Charles Palmer, Ph.D., CRC
Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Program & Graduate Coordinator
662-325-7917 (voice)

The Rehabilititation Counseling Scholarship program is funded by a federal grant that promotes the development of highly trained, professional rehabilititation counselors to work with people who possess severe impairments.

The Scholarship is designed for people who are planning to attend the University as full-time students and who are likely to have clients/consumers who are recipients of the State/Federal vocational rehabilitation system.

What it Pays:

What it Costs:

Pay-Back Agreement: This scholarship is functionally a loan. The loan will be repaid by one of two alternatives.
  1. The first and intended way to repay the scholarship: For each semester of scholarship receipt, the student must agree to appropriate post-graduate employment (as defined below) for one (1) full year.

    (Appropriate post-graduate employment is defined as employment that includes conducting certified rehabilitation counseling services with clients/consumers of the State/Federal vocational rehabilitation system.)

  2. The second way to repay the scholarship: Individuals may choose to repay the dollar amount total of the scholarship to the U.S. Department of Education by cash payments until the total is completely repaid.

Scholarship Application

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